Why We Do It

Meal Prep Reno was founded because people have the desire to eat healthier, but lack the time to make their own meals.  We all want to have the best looking body and think that the gym will be enough.  Well its not!  The gym won’t save your butt for the other 23 hours in the day when you were eating junk food.  Let us help you, our team has a vision to help others get to their personal goals by having healthy meals ready for you to eat.  Stay the course!


Meet The Team


Cameron has been in the Reno/Sparks area for over 14 years now. Growing up he enjoyed fitness, but never had taken what he was eating too seriously (He has a fast metabolism). Then, around 2014 he started to take his food more seriously and started to feel more alive and vibrant every day. That’s why he co-created this business to help others feel better everyday. In his off time, he enjoys hiking, boating, or just something that will get him outdoors.



Chris is a Reno, Nevada native. He graduated from North Valleys High School in 2008 and attended Feather River College for a short time before going to work full time. He learned how to cook from his mother. Especially so when he left for college and craved all of her home cooked meals. There was no choice but to learn and experiment with new recipes if he wanted to eat like he was at home. Since then he has continuously grown his cooking skills. He's trains at Elite Boxing and Fitness Club in Reno, Nevada.